Best apps for food bloggers in 2022

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Best apps for food bloggers in 2022

Being a food blogger might seem like an easy task and you may think that you just need to record while you eat. Right? Actually no.

To hit the cord with the audiences you must create videos that will keep them hooked. While you could do that without anyone's help but not everyone is that experienced. This is why I bring to you the best apps for food bloggers or aspiring food bloggers that will help them hit an excellent number of views faster! Edit

Top 10 apps for food bloggers



Starting our list with a significant photo editing app for Android users, Snapseed. It is a photo-editing application owned by Google. It comes with more than 20 tools and filters to edit from. Despite being one of the top-rated editing apps, the process of editing with this application isn't complex at all.

Be it using basics such as rotate, crop, adjust, or using a glamour glow filter, healing brush, vignette, lighting, and grunge effects, this app does it all. Other than that, you can also use text, portrait, head poses, face enhancement, face pose, double exposure, lens blur, and more with it. 

Free or not?- This app is completely free for every user. 

Available for?- Although Snapseed started with Android users, it is now available for iOS too. 


For a food blogger, it is vital to keep everything connected as it is a key to potential growth and thus, using IFTT becomes mandatory. IFTT stands for "If this then that". It is an automation tool that aids in connecting and linking devices and platforms together. It works efficiently well in connecting all the applications that do not work together.

In total, it is associated with over 650 brands and services that include social media platforms, smart devices, and web apps. For any food blogger, it will be easier to use this application and to keep his/her social media accounts in sync with each other.

Paid or not?- The app comes in three versions that include free, pro, and pro plus.

Available for? It has its website and application for Android, IOS


Afterlight is another photo editing application that is being used widely by food bloggers. Reason? Because of its friendly UI. You do not need to spend much time understanding how it works. The app is pretty easy to use that comes with over 15 adjustment tools that surely can enhance your content quality.

In addition, it also has over 27 fully customizable filters (original), 66 textures with both natural and real light leaks, 14 guest filters, and 18 new season filters. On the other hand, if you are looking for basic features, then you can find over 15 unique pre-sets of rotating, cropping, straightening, and horizontal and vertical flipping tools.

Paid or not?- Afterlight is again an entirely free-of-charge app.

Available for?- It is available for iOS and Android.


Instasize is a name that is self-introductory. So as the name suggests, it is an editing and collage maker application used mostly for Instagram pictures. If you're active on Instagram, using this app is totally going to be worth it as it comes with over 80 filters, borders, effects, and much more.

Although the app comes with premium features too, you can still do a lot with the free filters and tools available. The best part of using this app is that the layouts and sizing you are going to get from here are going to fit in your Insta post well. Also, it is known for its collages so do not forget to try them.

Paid or not?- The app is available in both versions, paid and free.

Available for?- You can use it on your iOS and Android devices.


If you're a food blogger and are equally active on Instagram, then using InTags is going to be advantageous for you. Instagram is a platform where using the right hashtags is all that you require. And if you know which to use, it will certainly increase the engagement of your posts. And that's all Intags is all about. This app is going to find the relevant hashtags that are in trend these days.

All you have to do is to copy and paste and use it in your posts. It mainly works via a hashtag generator that generates all these hashtags for various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and of course, Instagram.

Paid or not?- InTags is free of cost application.

Available for?- It is available for Android and iOS.



Buffer is again an excellent tool for every food blogger to use as it is going to work for your all bookmarks bar. This is a tool developed to manage all your social media platforms easily. It will schedule all your posts on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more with a single tap and will also make you analyze the engagements you're getting on each post.

Since it will brief you about the number of likes and engagements you're getting on a specific post, it will be easier for you to comprehend what time works best for you to post. The app makes your life rather unhectic because it comes with an option where you can even post anything specifically at any time or schedule it for the future.

Paid or not?- Buffer is free of charge app.

Available for?- The app is available for Android and iOS both.


Latergramme is again quite a self-introductory name that shows what it does. This tool lets people edit and upload pictures to post it later. In other words, it works as a scheduler. If you have all your content ready for a week or two, all you need to do is to download this app, upload all the images with their respective captions and schedule them for later.

Similar to buffer, it also comes with a dashboard where you can study analytics in brief.

Paid or not?- The app is free of cost.

Available for? - Both Android and iOS.


Inshot is a name that surely earns be on the list of best apps for food bloggers. This app is all about editing videos, and photos and making collages. Although it is paid, it comes with a free version as well in which you can edit your pictures and videos with different filters and enhancement tools.

It also lets you resize your picture in various pre-customized ratio which is made as per your social media posts. Be it for your Insta story or posts, the app is immaculate for all.

Paid or not?- The app has both, paid and free versions available.

Available for?- The app is widely available for Android and iOS users.


Unfold is an app that is only for your Instagram stories. Being a food blogger, you understand the significance of Instagram and uploading stories to keep your account active every day. And with this application, you can create as many unique and different Insta stories as you want. It comes with more than 200 templates that you can use for various stories with different textures, background colors, fonts, stickers, and more.

Some of its most used templates include Digital wave, ripper paper, film frames, Clasico, and more. And the cherry on the cake? You do not need to use your credentials to log in. This app can be used in guest user mode as well.

Paid or not?- It is a free-of-cost app.

Available for?- Android and IOS


Last but not least, using TweetDeck can also be a must for every food blogger who uses Twitter frequently. It is an interface that manages your Twitter accounts, improves your content, schedules your social media posts, and lets you know about the latest trends and hashtags that are worth using.

If you use it, you will find many customisable columns in which you can add or delete anything at your convenience. Furthermore, you can use multiple accounts without logging out from any of them.

Paid or not?- No, the app is completely free to use.

Available for?- There is an app that lets you use Tweetdeck called - MarinDeck

These were the must-have apps for every food blogger. If you are using any of them already, please comment down and let us know how is it working for you.

For any queries or suggestions, please comment below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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