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Setting up a custom domain

BlogHunch lets you integrate your custom domain into your publication for all the plans.

This article will outline a quick walkthrough on how to integrate a custom domain into BlogHunch!

First, we will make sure we complete the getting started guide and set up our publication. Next, go to the publication settings and scroll down to the Domains section. You will be able to find the input for the publication domain as follows.

Write down your domain name (without HTTP or HTTPS) and hit save. Now your domain is successfully added to our database. The next step is to configure your A record to point to the right IP address. In order to do that, first go to your DNS settings.

Then create an A record and use the following IP address.

Once it's done, you will have to wait until the DNS updates are complete. You can also check the connection status from the settings.

Kindly wait upto 24h if your changes are not reflecting, if it still does not work after 24h please feel free to contact us.

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